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My Thoughts Drive Me Down the Road Insanity

I wanted a dark theme, not a scary one. But I can't find one I like better...

18 October
I like raquetball, I am obsessed with chocolate milk, I hate cheese, and I'm kind of known in my circle of friends for being a stalker. (not in an arrest-worthy way though.) I have a cat, and uh, that's about it...ah, no. I lied. I love Tokio Hotel. They're pretty friggin amazing! Um, what else. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I was born here, but I moved to Miami when I was five and eventually I moved back to Vegas. And about my cat, yes, she is absolutely insane. I also have a bit of a dirty mind, so if you read my journal, know that there will be a little crudeness. I think way too much for my own good, so a lot of what i write in my journal will be heavy topics, but if I'm in a silly mood, I will be quite pointless and random. That doesn't happen as often though. Uhm, if you already know me and are reading this then tell me if there's anything else I should put here, 'cause I'm out of ideas. Oh, maybe I should mention I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling freak. I will notice when you use the wrong "your" or the wrong "there." :) I also feel that i should put that I have an open mind. i like new things and i like to experiment. ♥

I can also mention that I've had the same email for a good four or five years now. I think my earliest email dates from 2004, haha.